Powerton 1/29/11

View from the entrance.

I woke up a bit later than I had hoped so I scrambled to get ready and get on the road.  Got pumped up to some death metal and got into the mindset to go slay some fish.  (Slay as in catch, respectfully handle and release unharmed.)  Got to the lake about a half hour after it opened.

The way Powerton is laid out is the warm water discharge area is about a half mile from the parking lot.  So I grabbed my pole and tackle and headed out along the raised retaining wall, wind whipping the mist up off of the lake and over me.

Got down to the discharge area and found about 20 anglers already set up, all baitfishing. (I assume for catfish, as the big draw for the lake is giant blue cats.  Didn’t see anybody pull anything in in the couple hours I was there.

The mist was usually much thicker than you see here, it was like a scene out of a viking movie.  A big wooden boat pulling up and commencing pillaging wouldn’t have been out of place.

I started out tossing a silver rattletrap that Grandfather-in-law Tom gave me for Christmas.  I worked down what parts of the shore I could, first burning it really quickly and then knocking it along the rocks on the bottom.  Didn’t get any bites.
After about a half hour to forty-five minutes, I lost the rattletrap on the bottom.  At Clif’s suggestion I tied on a white twistertail grub with a white jighead and started tossing that.  I felt like I got a few knocks on it but I missed every hookset.  Are you supposed to set the hook immediately with a grub or wait until you feel the fish pulling?  I was automatically setting the hook as soon as I felt something so that may be why I wasn’t able to hook anything.
Another hour and a half later I decided to call it a day.  Cold was starting to get to me.  Even tho I didn’t hook any fish, I didn’t come away frustrated like I have in the past.  I attribute it to a couple things:
First of all I put all my gear in my backpack from last semester.  It wasn’t much today but it was alot easier to just strap it on and forget about it than to have to pick up a big tackle box every time I wanted to move.  Alot less tiring too.  I think this’ll help when I make some hiking trips to less-pressured water at Banner Marsh or Snakeden Hollow in a couple months.
Secondly, I brought a spinning rod rather than the baitcaster I used most of last year.  No dealing with backlashes or having to remember to thumb to reel before the bait hit the water.  Really simplified everything.  I let “being like the guys on tv” get in the way of just having a good time and fishing last year.
Finally, I was happy to just get out of the house.  A nice little walk and wetting a line was just what I needed. 
Don’t think I’ll be fishing again until the temps are up over 50 though.  Just too cold, it’s distracting.  I’ll try to get some shooting footage up soon, I have a few empty milk jugs that need exploding.  🙂

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