Who would I want to hang with?

OBN‘s latest writing prompt is to list a few fellow OBN bloggers you’d like to meet.  I would enjoy meeting just about any of y’all but there are a few who stand out.  Since the question was who you’d like to “meet”, I disqualified any blogger who I’ve already met in person, which excludes… Clif.  Here are the couple that stood out:

Jay from The Naturalist’s Angle.  It seems that since Jay found my blog, he has always had good advice, from choosing a flyrod to tips on fishing grubs on spinning tackle.  Plus, it seems like he prefers to chase warmwater fish on the fly, exactly what I’m hoping to be chasing this year.  I think we would have a good time and I would learn a bunch.

Dallas from Fishin the Ridge.  He and I have gone back and forth a little on our frustration over the reluctance of wader manufacturers to offer waders in big guy sizes.  It seems like although he might be more experienced than me in the areas of bass fishing and hunting, he’s also a self-professed “fly fishing noob”, just like myself.  His is the first blog other than my own that I’d found when the person was just getting into flyfishing.  I’m looking forward to reading about him learning as I’m learning some of the same things.

Ken G from Waterdog Journal/Four Season’s Anglers Network.  I just stumbled across Ken’s blog a little while ago, don’t even think I’ve commented on any posts yet but I enjoy reading his posts, which seem to focus less on details and more on the experience of the day.  Pretty cool, check it out if you haven’t yet.  I read he might be doing some guiding this year, maybe I’ll have to schedule an outing.

So there you have it, just a few of the bloggers I’d like to meet.  Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to the OBN meet up this year so I’ll probably have to wait awhile to meet most, but maybe someday.

Hope you all are staying warm, I’m currently in the midst of enjoying some snow-related time off. šŸ™‚  Have a good one.


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