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Bowhunting advice needed…

I know, it seems like all I do is ask for advice.  You’d think I’m actually trying to learn something.

While Clif and I were wading the creek on Sunday, we noticed a plethora of deer tracks.  They varied in size and freshness but they were all over.  It was evident that the deer stroll down the creek on a regular basis.

So here’s the layout.  The creek generally has 6-10ft drop-offs on both sides that fall off sharply to the creek bottom.  I’m thinking of spending a couple mornings before October heading out there before dawn.  Planning on hiking out, taking a seat and just watching for awhile to see when/where the deer walk thru.  The creek at the widest spots is about 20ish yards, so I figure if I can find a spot they walk thru, it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel. 

So my questions:  Is this a good place to set up?  Do deer usually use a creek as an easy path to follow or do they just pass thru?  If I were to set up that way, should I sit at the top of the drop offs or tuck myself into the side of the creek bed?  I saw a few walnuts so I guess I could get some of those to pack with my clothes and rub on the morning of hunting to cover my scent right? 

As much as I’m a noob with fishing, it’s 100x worse with hunting.  I’ve never been deer hunting in my life but I”m hoping to drop one my first season out.  Any advice you can give me is very appreciated.  Or if you know someone who could give advice.  Or if you know someone who knows someone who could give advice.  Or if…