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Blog friends who don’t use Blogger…

Advice needed.

I think I want to move away from Blogger (Spent 30+ mins writing a detailed recap of the outing with Clif just to have it disappear on me.), but I need educating on the subject.

What is a good alternative?  WordPress? I know Owl Jones had some serious issues recently with them. 

What about starting from scratch and buying a domain name?  How much money does that cost? Do I need to be an HTML wiz to go that route?  That would let me change my URL to something representing the current name of the blog right?

Would that even make life easier for me?  Is it worth it?

Please, any advice is greatly appreciated.  This isn’t the first time Blogger has randomly eaten a post that I had worked hard on. 


I got nothing

Went out this morning to Charter Oak North.  Totally frozen.  Still.

Drove out to Banner Marsh.  Drove every path I could find.  Found 10 yards of open water.

Only saw creeks/rivers open and since I have no idea where to start on moving water I just decided to head home.

Got ahold of a friend and tried to set up a range trip to blow up some milk jugs up and shoot some cans.  Then something came up for him.

So my day just wasn’t meant to be.  Gonna just chill with the wife till we go play some cards and do some drinking with some friends tonight.

Going up to Dixon to pickup the fly rod my uncle is giving me, so expect a post with a closer look at it.

Other than that, I’m just looking forward to spring and fishing at the Hooked on Fishing park on March 12th.

Have a good one.


Had 648 pageviews this month.

That might not sound like much to some of you who get all kinds of traffic but I’ve only had 2,055 pageviews since I started the blog last May.  My biggest month before this was 261.

I guess what I’m trying to say is thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

I’m gonna go celebrate with a beer and wait for our 12-20 inches of snow we’re supposed to be getting by wednesday afternoon.  Woo!


As in, I feel like one.

Another week at the call center down, semi-annual performance review in the books.  It’s been gray and cold out.  I didn’t win the Hook & Hackle rod building kit contest Owl Jones put on. (Which means I’m in the market for an 8′ Eagle Claw Featherlight in the next two months, let me know if you hear of any deals.)

I’ve been either in the house or at work 100% of the time for the past week and I’m over it.

So I’m heading out to Powerton, a local warm water discharge lake tomorrow.

Don’t think I’ve ever pulled anything bigger than 4 inches out of there but a couple years ago it used to be a smallie hotspot and they stock stripers so I figure I’ll toss some crankbaits and little plastic grubs just to see if I can pull in SOMETHING.  I’ll give an update tomorrow afternoon on how it went.

Also, I took the advice OBN gave awhile back and just started a Facebook page for the blog.  Click the link on the left to “like” it if you’d like to hear my outdoors.  Right now myself and my beautiful wife are the only fans, it’s a little lonely at the moment.

Have a good weekend, be looking out for a report tommorow!


This site is just a placeholder right now, if you’re looking for the blog Intro to the Outdoors, go to

See you there!

Changes coming…

A reenvisioning if you will.

Just gonna expand the blog to include my newer obsession of shooting that I’ve gotten into over the fall and hopefully hunting as I want to start getting back into it.

Also, going to start posting links to products that I review.  Hopefully it doesn’t take away from the overall blog.  It’s just that I get the most traffic by far from random searches for the couple reviews I’ve done. (Probably because I haven’t written anything in forever but whatever.)  Might as well make a couple bucks if people will be looking at it anyway.

The reports and experiences are for me and my followers, the reviews will be for my tackle box and range bag.

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all get to relax with your families, have a good one.